Travel Photography: Celebrations

Regardless of the occasion or where people travel, photography is a great and an important way to preserve moments. A photograph is a reminder of a specific point in time, making it last forever as long as the photograph exists. Other people will also get to share the moment by looking at the image. As special moments happen only once, it is important to capture and get it right the first time. This is why photographers are in demand, especially for special events such as birthdays, weddings and graduations. Here are a few steps for photographers to get great shots even during the most difficult events.

Step 1: Get an Official Event ID

There are events where people find it uncomfortable for getting their pictures taken, such as funerals or even while having fun at the club. Whatever the situation may be, an ID gives the message that the person carrying the camera is there for a specific job. It gives photographers a bit more slack while doing their job, even in the most uncomfortable of situations.

Step 2: Prepare the Gear

Events can last for a few hours to several days. Regardless of the type of event, it is important to carry as many batteries and film or memory as possible. Photographers need to always be on the lookout for moments that need to be photographed. Each second spent looking for extra items or equipment will make the photographer miss great moments and shots. Bring tripods, light sources and other equipment. It is better to be over equipped than under, as photographers will never know when they will need a specific gadget during the shoot.

Step 3: Dress for the Occasion

When taking photographs for a specific event, it is best to blend in with the surroundings so as not to attract further attention and make subjects feel uncomfortable. If the shoot is during the evenings or at a poorly lit event, such as during the school play or in the club, photographers are advised to wear black. In most cases, other people working during the event also wear black. Wearing black gives the impression that the photographer is there for official business.

Step 4: Be Quick but Confident

Photographers have to wander and quickly move from one spot to another, which is difficult especially when working with and within crowds such as a party or concert scene. But, they still need to be polite even while working. Saying "excuse me" will be appreciated when working through crowds. Be friendly to make people less cautious of having a photographer around.

Step 5: Avoid Using Flash

Even with documenting school plays or club scenes, avoid using flash as much as possible as it creates an over-illuminated effect and creates unnecessary attention. Use the existing light available and work with it. In some cases, such as the club scene, a blur can also create an interesting effect.

With these steps, photographing an event will be less daunting. Remember to always try to be aware of what will happen next. Photographers need to be a step ahead in order to document the moment at the right time.