Three Networking Tips for Wedding Videography

Most people are only going to hire a person for wedding videography once in their lives. In fact, they will most likely never even think about it until they're planning a wedding. So how can you, as a wedding videographer, get in touch with these people? You need to network. Here are three tips to help you get started. 

Please note that like most video and photography jobs, you need to prove yourself first in order to get hired. Shoot some weddings for free and get a portfolio going. Then make a web site and some business cards. You want to present yourself as a professional when you go out and start to network.

1. Get Friendly With the Catering Halls

When people begin planning a wedding, the first thing they look for is a catering hall. After all, when people think wedding, they think good food. The catering hall will have a minimum guest count and a price per guest that will determine the rest of the budget. Once the catering hall is selected, the rest of the pieces that involve planning a wedding will fall into place.

Once the catering hall is booked, they will hand the bride and groom to be a list of recommended vendors. These vendors are the first calls the soon-to-be couple will make nine out of ten times. If you can get your name on this list, then your business will increase dramatically. But how do you do that?

Some of the larger catering halls have a party coordinator on staff to help plan the events. If you can get in good with this person, then you can get on the list, or at least have the coordinator recommend you to the couple if they have trouble finding someone good. 

2. Get Friendly With Other Videographers

Most people have never hired a wedding videographer before. They might go online and look for one they like. Then they call him or her, and they're not available that day. Most people go back to the internet to search, unless the videographer recommends someone else. Have this person refer your name and pass along your contact info so that you will get the call. 

This works both ways. If you're not available, then you recommend him or her. Why compete with each other when you can make more money together? 

3. Attend Events

Some catering halls put on events every month where their clients can meet vendors. It's wise to attend these events whenever you can with a fresh stack of business cards, because this is an opportunity to have direct contact with potential clients.

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