The Best Camcorder Lenses for Filming a Wedding

If you're going to do your job properly then you need to have the right camcorder lenses. Filming a wedding falls under the same rules as filming any kind of special event. Your shot can instantly change from covering something in a tight lens to quickly turning around to cover a wide shot. Things only happen once and don't repeat because the camera man didn't get the shot perfectly. 

What to Choose

There are so many different lenses out there to choose from that range from the small wide angles to the large telephotos. Obviously, the right lens, under the right lighting conditions will produce the best images. It takes time to figure those conditions out. Time that you don't have. In fact, you may not even have enough time to do a lens change. It's also not practical to be running around with a bag of expensive lenses on your shoulder. It just takes a moment for something to cause a multi thousand dollar mistake. So what do you do?

You need to choose one lens that will carry the shoot through the day. And that lens is a zoom. The zoom lens can accomplish tight and wide shots with the touch of a button or adjustment of a ring. It won't look as pretty as the other lenses but the point is to get as many shots as possible. Missing a special moment is something you can not afford to do.

How to Choose

You want a zoom lens that has a lot of range. Somewhere in the 50mm to 300mm range. You want to be able to get wide shots and tight shots. You also don't want to pick a lens that is huge and weighs a ton. Carrying the camera body and batteries is a lot of weight already, there is no need to kill yourself any more. You also don't want something that weighs more than the body. Otherwise you end up running a really good chance of having it tip over. That would be a very expensive accident.

The job of a wedding videographer is to capture as much footage of that special day as possible. The more he/she shoots, the more successful they are at their job because that gives the editor a ton of great footage to choose from. The only lens that will help you get a lot of footage quickly is the zoom lens. It should be your tool of choice.

Popular Lenses: