Taking Note of a Giclee Canvas Print Price Guide

A giclee canvas print is similar to the old painting prints, except that they actually look more like the original painting. And, unlike traditional prints, giclees can actually go up in value. But, you need to make sure that you are not paying more than what the print is worth. And, if you are an artist, you also need to make sure that you are not being taken advantage of.

Making Giclees

If you are a painter, then making a giclee of an original work of art can give you an enormous return on investments. Not only can you sell the original, but you can also make the giclees limited, signed editions, which are still of interest to collectors.

Cost for Painters

For smaller size giclees up to 26 inches by 40 inches, you shouldn’t pay more than $100, and many companies are even cheaper at around $75. For larger sizes (up to 71 inches by 120 inches), you are probably going to pay around $125 to $150.

If you wish to make giclees over 71 inches by 120 inches, then you are looking at costs well over $300. But, you should only make prints this size on rare occasions. You are going to have to convince a buyer to pay nearly $400 to $500 for a print instead of an original.


Painters need to be wary of printers that do not guarantee their work. You usually have 30 days to return the print if you are not satisfied. If the printer that you are interested in does not offer this guarantee, go to another.

Cost for Collectors

Giclee prints generally cost between $125 and $200 for standard-sized prints. But, you can pay upwards of $500 for the larger prints. The price really depends on the availability of the print and whether or not it is signed by the artist.

Do not be fooled by internet sites that offer giclees around $20. They are probably not authentic and not worth the money.