Taking Guitar Photography to the Next Level

Guitar photography is interesting for many people. The guitar is such an important instrument that there are lots of people wanting the photos. These photos are used on music websites and also have many other uses. While the guitar is a beautiful instrument there are some things that you can do to make the photos look even better.


One way of making the guitar photographs look more special is to make them into a silhouette. This is where the subject of the photo is black. In this case the guitar will be in black and the background will be a lighter color. These are achieved by directly lighting behind the subject.

Silhouettes can also be made by using computer software. These make the photos look much more special and interesting. They are suitable for photographing people playing guitar and the instrument itself.


Lighting can be used to make any photo look much more interesting. Dramatic lighting effects can draw the viewers' attention into the guitar. Lighting directed above the guitar can focus attention on the neck of the guitar. The correct lighting can completely change the look of the photographs.

Black and White

Black and white photography can make the photos of the guitar look more interesting. A black and white photograph is much more dramatic. Black and white photographs can be used for photographing just the guitar or the guitar being played.

Creative Settings

Rather than just photographing guitars being played and resting against walls you will need to think about different settings. These creative settings can include photographing the guitars when they are outside.