Taking Great Skiing Pictures

Taking skiing pictures can be challenging. This is because the light bouncing off the snow can cause the scene to be extremely bright. You will need to learn a few simple tips which can be used to take good skiing photos. Ski photography is unique and requires some special skills to do properly. Taking these photos can be very rewarding. It is also a good way of making some extra money.

Choosing the Right Equipment

First, you will need to choose the necessary equipment to take ski photographs. You will need to choose a suitable camera which has manual controls. This makes it possible to adjust the shutter speed. Sometimes you will need to use fast shutter speeds, while other times you will need to use slower speed.

You also need to get yourself a light meter. This will help you to check exactly how much light is bouncing off the snow. This makes it possible to ensure that the photos have the correct exposure. The cameras and equipment are very expensive and need to be looked after. You should invest in a sturdy camera bag. Try to find a camera bag which is water proof, as this will prevent the camera from getting damaged.

You can never have too many batteries with you. You will need to shoot lots of photos to get a good one. You should take a few spare batteries with you which are fully charged.

Equipment Practice

You will need to get to know your equipment and find out how to use it. You should be fully aware of how to use the camera so that you can capture great photos of skiers.


You should use the flash when you are taking photos outside and photos of mountains. This is very useful because it provides fill in light which lightens up the scene. A UV filter can be used to make the photographs look better.


You will need to be very patient when taking photos of skiing scenes. Take a large memory card with you and take lots of photographs. This makes it possible to capture the best photo.