Taking Great Farm Pictures

The farm evokes thoughts of bucolic life and taking farm pictures helps you capture those memories. And, knowing the right techniques can make your pictures even better. All you need to take great farm pictures is a good digital SLR camera and a lot of patience.

Step 1: Line up Your Shots

Even with a sweeping farm landscape, you need a focal point for the picture. Look for buildings, animals, trees or even rock formations as either your foreground or background image. These will break up the shot and entice your viewer.

Also, don't always shoot everything dead on. Instead, experiment with subjects off to the side. For example, focus on a cow in the lower right-hand corner of the picture, and then let the green grass sweep out behind the picture.

Step 2: Use a Wide Angle Lens

Try to capture as much of the scenery as you can, including the fields and sky. The sky itself can also be a subject of your photo, especially Western skies that seem to go on forever. You can also take pictures during sunrise or sunset and allow the sun to illuminate the buildings, fields and landscapes with different, natural lighting. Besides the lens, you should consider changing your depth of field. This helps get most of the scene in focus.

Step 3: Use a Tripod

Getting a good shot requires patience, and a tripod helps keep your shot in focus, especially if you are using a smaller aperture. If you do plan on zooming in to a far away object, the tripod also keeps your camera steady, reducing the chances that your photos will be blurry.