Taking Great Album Art Photography at Home

Album art photography may sound simple but it isn’t. People may think that there is nothing special in taking pictures for album covers, but what they do not realize is that album art photography can be very effective if presented to the right crowd. Not only that, album art photography is not like any other kind of photography because you can do album art photography at home and with minimal equipment.

Step 1 - Remember the Rule of Thirds

No matter what you are taking, remember that in professional art photography, the rule of thirds always makes great photos. What it does is it gives the object more emphasis and detail. The rule of thirds is done by thinking of imaginary lines along your photo. Imagine 2 lines horizontally and 2 lines vertically and you will have nine boxes. The theory is that as long as you put your object along the places where the lines meet, it will have a greater effect.

Step 2 - Make use of Geometrical Shapes and Lines

Along with the rule of thirds, try to be creative and make use of some props that signify geometrical shapes. Spheres, boxes and lines are great additions to your photo album photos, because it will make your photos look much better. Also, remember to make use of the angles of your shots, because it will enable you to create special shapes that cannot be formed in other angles. Doing album art photography at home is easy. All you need is to make use of different photography techniques and you are off to a great career.