Stock Footage: How To Put Yourself into History

Stock Footage is a great way to add extra interest to your video productions. Stock footage is readily available from the Internet and can add something that you wouldn't normally be able to add.  You will be able to find suitable clips from all around the world. It is also possible to find stock footage from the past which can be mixed together with modern footage to make it look like you lived in the past.

Once you add stock footage and apply some simple filters by using video editing software such as Pinnacle, it is easy to make it look very old. This is a great novelty technique, although it can also be applied to many of your customers videos if you know how to use it.

Step 1: Finding Stock Footage

When you are trying to make your videos look older, you will need to find stock footage to use. There are a number of stock video web sites which can be used to find old stock footage. Most of these sites are easy to use and split into categories. It should also be possible to find them by searching for certain keywords.

Step 2: Choosing Stock Videos

When you have chosen a list of videos that you might want to use, you can compare the ones that you want to use. There should be a low resolution video on the Internet which can be watched easily without needing to download anything. It might take some time to choose the stock videos, but this should be fairly easy.

Step 3: Paying and Downloading

Pay for the videos and download them to your computer as you normally would. These will normally be in MPG format, which makes it really easy to import them into your video editing application.

Step 4: Video Editing

Open your favorite video editing application and load the sequence into the application as you normally would. With the video loaded, you should check it and edit it if required. Editing is very easy, and you can remove various aspects that you aren't quite happy with.

Step 5: Cutting the Video

Cut the Video where you want to add the stock footage. This might take some time to get right because you don't want any abrupt breaks between the video and the stock footage. Once you are happy with the cuts, you can then import it into the video editing application and add it wherever you want it to appear.

You might also want to use transitions to conceal the gaps between the videos. These effects are very useful and can make your video look much more professional.

Step 6: Making the Video Look Old

Most video editing applications including Pinnacle Studio Pro and Avid feature various filters to make your video look much older than it actually is. Simply apply the filters by selecting the part of the clip, and then using the antique effect. Different applications will do this differently and so you might need to do some experimentation to get it just right.