Selective Focus in Nature Photography

In nature photography, it is most effective to use selective focus to be able to draw attention to your subject. Selective focus and macro photography often come hand in hand. Sometimes, your subject could be as minuscule as a bug or a tiny butterfly. With other types of lenses or techniques, it will be hard to highlight something this small in your image. With selective focus, not only will you be able to make your small subject larger than life, your final picture will appear more dramatic and impactful. Here are the steps to effectively use selective focus in nature photography.

1. Equip Yourself

First and foremost, you need the right lens for your picture. The most effective kit would be a macro or telephoto lens.

2. Choose Your Subject

The beauty of selective focus is you can easily make any subject stand out. If you have a field of flowers, simply focusing on one in particular will already create the effect that it is something unique. The best way is still, of course, to find the most interesting subject for your nature photograph.

3. Set Your Aperture

The largest aperture will yield the most defocused background and will make your subject stand out more.

4. Focus and Click

Make sure your main subject is in sharp focus. Frame your shot, and click the shutter for that great nature photograph.