Sailing Pictures: Stabilizing Your Camera on a Boat

If you are interested in shooting sailing pictures, one of your main concerns will be keeping your camera from shaking when shooting from a moving and rocking boat. There are fortunately a number of solutions that can help you shoot the pictures without loss of quality on account of a shaking camera.

Image Stabilized Lens

An image stabilized lens can prove to be very handy in helping to create sharper images. Even then, you will still have to assume a certain position, which involves bringing your elbows into the body and pressing the camera against the face. The camera should be gripped firmly with the right hand and without causing torque on the camera when pressing the shutter button.


If you are trying to shoot sailing pictures from a kayak, you will need to use special handholding technique to stabilize the camera. You should sit as low as possible, and brace your elbows against the body and your knees or the gunnels of the sailing craft. This, however, will result in a major restriction of your view.

Gyro Systems

It is also possible to stabilize the camera when shooting from a boat by making use of different gyro systems that can be attached to the lower side of the camera or the lens mount. This solution helps to provide maximum stability especially when combined with an image stabilization solution.


Monopods are a very useful solution when it comes to taking sailing pictures from a cruise ship. Using an image stabilized telephoto zoom lens that is supported by a simple monopod can help you take blur-free pictures from the upper deck of a sailing craft.