Retouching Album Art in Photoshop

Creating and retouching already-made album art is an important step in making a first impression on behalf of the album artist. Retouching an album art cover (audio or picture) is important to a designer, photographer and the album artists to showcase their talents. Following are a few tips for retouching album art in Adobe Photoshop.


The basic idea for album art is to present an image, graphic or a montage of images to simply speak in visual terms, way before the album is opened. Retouching album art involves changing colors, balances, levels and filters to suit the overall mood and tone of the album. Also, it may be wise to use basic and standard shapes to add objects according to the album classification.


Retouching album art may also involve the addition of image montages at places. This will require you to select the correct photographs and then modify the photograph’s resolutions. You can do this by navigating to Image > Image Size.

You will also need to change the depth to at least 300 dots per inch to make printing easier. This is to be followed up with adjusting of image size and choosing the appropriate color modes. CMYK is best for printing. You may resize images by hitting Ctrl + T and then saving them as a Photoshop (.psd) file.


You can add some good after effects to the art by adding the "Drop Shadow" or "Bevel and emboss" elements from the layer styles or blending options for each layer in the picture.