Proper Tripod Setup for Macro Photography

Using the right tripod setup for macro photography is critical. The slightest wobble during shutter release can cause motion blur when photographing such a small subject.

Tripod Setup

Tripods are not very complicated, but the options they offer can be optimized for various purposes. When you extend the legs of your tripod, use the thickest sections first. The thinnest extensions of the legs are less sturdy, and therefore, should be avoided. Even more problematic is the adjustable riser column. A camera resting on a single stem will sway much more than one supported at three points. Though it will take slightly more time, the benefits will make your experience easier.

Avoid Contact

Even with a sturdy tripod setup, motion blur can still appear when you snap your shot. Avoid as much physical contact with the camera and subject as possible. If you are using a flash with an extension chord coming out of the camera, make sure that the chord is long enough that you are not affecting your shot. Consider investing in a remote shutter release. The pressure of your finger hitting the button could be enough to wiggle the camera.

Macro photography can be very sensitive and minimizing camera movement with a tripod can facilitate the process.

Popular Tripods: