Production: Tungsten 3200K Color Temperature

When putting on a production, one of the biggest things to keep in mind is the color temperature of your lights. Color temperature is measured in degrees kelvin and had nothing to do with the operating temperature of the lights. Instead, it refers to the distribution of energy in the light's visible spectrum. In tungsten lights, the color temperature is 3200K, and it is strongest in the red end of the color spectrum.

How a Tungsten Bulb Works

In a tungsten light bulb, light is created by running an electric current through a tungsten filament. The filament then glows and light is produced. On video that has not been properly white balanced or color corrected, this light tends to look orange. It is important to always white balance your camera after the lights have been set up in order to ensure that your colors look rich and correct.

Color Correction Gels

Sometimes we have to work with a lighting set up that mixes tungsten and daylight bulbs. When this happens, you need to decide which color temperature you're going to balance the camera for. If you choose to balance for daylight, then you need to add Color Temperature Blue color correction gel to the tungsten lights to turn them into daylight. If you choose to balance for tungsten, then you need to add Color Temperature Orange Gel to the daylight lights to make them tungsten.

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