Production: How To Make a Time Lapse Video

It is possible to make a time lapse video using your camera. You will need some good editing software as well. This type of video is used to take a long time segment and then condense it into a short video sequence. You will see many examples of these in TV shows and movies. Weather reports tend to use this to show an entire day's video in about 20 seconds. There are 2 main ways you can create a time lapse video.

Step 1. Interval Recording

To create a time lapse video with your camera you need to go into the menu to find the Interval recording feature. This may be labeled as the Int Rec. You will need to set the length of the interval between the shots as well as the recording time for each of the intervals.

Step 2. The Long Event

If you are making a time lapse recording of something that occurs over a very long time then your interval should last at least a minute with a short recording time. A good example of this type of video is showing the life of a flower over the day or of clouds as they move through the sky.

Step 3. The Short Event

It is also possible to create a time lapse video that occurs over a short time but contains a lot of action. In this case, the time interval between recordings is short, about 15 to 30 seconds and the recording time is longer at about 2 to 3 seconds. It may take a few tries to get the correct interval length and recording time.

Step 4. Using Editing Software

It is also possible to create a time lapse video in the post editing phase. The first step is to capture your video just as you would any other video. So take a full recording over the desired time period. The maximum time length will depend on the size of your memory card or the length of the tape.

Step 5. Intervals in Editing

Use your video editing program to create the time intervals. Import the entire video into the software. Normally you will create a time line of the clips you use. You can easily separate your video into equal length clips and then select the ones to use. It is possible to change the speed of the clips as well as the duration. Normally 1 hour of video can be shortened to about 2 to 5 minutes, though the speed of this shortened segment will be increased to about 4,000% the normal speed.

Step 6. Space

In order to use editing software for time lapse you will need a large hard drive and plenty of memory. Videos will take up a lot of space and individuals that do a lot of video editing and creating will have their own hard drive just for videos. When you speed up the video it will need to render at the new speed which can take time depending on the amount of memory your computer has. Make sure you play everything back as you may need to readjust the speed and other settings.

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