Picking a Spot for Location Photography

It is true what they say about location and it is even more important when you are talking about location photography. The location you choose really can make or break your pictures. Choosing the right location with the right elements can make a truly beautiful photograph.

Find the Perfect Spot

One way to help you find the perfect spot for your location photography is to look at local resources for camping and hiking areas near you. Talking to other photographers or reading online forums is another way to find perfect spots.

Visit the Location

Once you have a list of locations that you have compiled, you will want to plan a trip to each location to scope it out and see if it has the potential that you are looking for. You should especially look at the kind of lighting that the location has and determine what will be the best time of the day to be there taking photos.

Check the Lighting

You will want to make sure that you get the lighting right. Some location photographers like the early morning light best, while others prefer sunset because of the effervescent coloring. Whichever lighting you prefer, remember to take your photos with you back to the light or keep the light at your side. If you can arrive at the location early, that is even better so that you can ensure that you are prepared with your camera in hand when the perfect lighting hits.