Photojournalism Schools: What to Look For

Photojournalism has become very popular lately, therefore, it only makes sense that photojournalism schools have seen an increase in their student bodies. Colleges have noticed that there is a new found interest in this profession and have started offering different types of courses related to this subject. Even so, good photojournalism schools can be hard to find. They are still few and far between. With so few schools to choose from, how do you make a decision about where to enroll?

1. Quality of Teachers

Basic photography courses really aren’t enough. The quality of the teachers is one of the most important features of a good photojournalism school. To be a good teacher, they themselves must have lived through and experienced the hard times of photojournalism. This includes everything from difficult lighting situations to mastering the use of their camera with lightning speed so they didn’t miss an important moment.

2. Mastering the Camera

Learning how to master the camera will be the longest course, but it is also the most important course in a photojournalism school. They will also teach the theoretical course such as the history of arts and photography, world history and more.

3. Ethics

It is essential for the people in this profession to be ethical. Those in photojournalism must know what they are allowed to do and what they are flat out not allowed to do. Although the rules are not written, photographers' ethics will be the most important thing that they are recognized for. As a professional, the photojournalist must always know where the line is that he cannot pass, no matter what.