Photojournalism: Pursuing a Career

To become successful at photojournalism, you have to be willing to be aggressive enough to capture the best possible picture, but still be sensitive to the needs of the subject. You will need to be technically savvy and creative.

Equipment and Education

You must plan to invest in some top of the line equipment. Nikon and Canon are both high quality photography equipment companies. You will also need to have attended a good journalism or photography school. While you are in school, use it as your opportunity to develop your style, technique and to develop a good eye. While you are still in school, apply for internships. It will give you the opportunity to be published and will give you some important real world, hands on experience. For some, it can even turn into a full time job.

Create a Portfolio

Creating a portfolio that demonstrates your expertise is a must! Include everything you have done, published or not. Although most will want to see examples of your published work, a student portfolio will still likely help you land an entry level position or an internship. Once you get in the door, even if it is on the ground level, you will have the opportunity to shine and work your way up the ladder to a more promising career.

Learn Image Editing Software

Learning how to use software like Adobe Photoshop can be beneficial for editing photos. You can crop photos, fix redeye, correct flaws and more with image editing software.

News happens fast and can be emotional. It is essential that you are able to think quick on your feet.