Outdoor vs Waterproof Cameras: Optimize Camera Features

A waterproof camera makes it possible to take pictures anywhere without worrying about damaging your precious camera. You might also consider a rugged outdoor camera, which will also offer some protection. Comparing these different types of cameras will make deciding which one to choose very simple.

Outdoor Cameras

Outdoor cameras are rugged and will help keep your camera fully protected through whatever you are doing. An outdoor camera has added protection, which means that the camera won't be as susceptible to damage if it's dropped. Outdoor cameras are generally splash proof. This should make them able to cope with rain and small amounts of water without suffering from problems.

Normally, outdoor cameras are cheaper than a waterproof camera, however, it won't normally allow you to dive or swim in water with the camera. These are normally marketed as splash proof cameras and are very popular.

Outdoor cameras are a good all-round cameras for use outdoors. These aren't that interested specifically in protecting from water damage. Instead, these outdoor cameras provide good all round protection from the elements and danger.

Waterproof Cameras

A waterproof camera will normally be more devoted in providing protection specifically from water rather than other dangers. Waterproof cameras are housed inside a watertight plastic enclosure. This will prevent water from ever getting inside your camera. There are a series of rubber seals around the camera, which will protect the openings and ensure that water isn't allowed inside the housing.

Dive Depth

The dive depth will affect how deep you can swim with your waterproof camera without it breaking. The deeper you go, the more pressure that's exerted on the camera. Outdoor cameras are only designed for basic protection from rain and splashes.

When choosing a waterproof camera, you will need to consider the depth rating. Ideally, you will need to choose a camera which has the correct rating for your needs. If you only plan on using it for fun in a swimming pool, then almost any waterproof camera will be ok. If you are scuba diving with your camera, then you will need to choose a camera which has a deeper rating.


When choosing between outdoor and waterproof cameras, you will also need to consider the mega pixels of the camera. The camera uses a sensor to convert light into electrical signals. The more mega pixels your camera has, the bigger images it will take.

It's important to choose underwater cameras with high resolutions because it is possible to crop more of the image out if required.


Flashes are very useful on waterproof and outdoor cameras. These will help to provide plenty of light to capture your image. It is, however, important to be able to attach additional flashes just in case they're needed for underwater photography.


As both waterproof and outdoor cameras will be subjected to more than their fair share of damage, a warranty is essential. These cameras should be high quality and sturdy, which will prevent them from suffering any harm. Choose a waterproof camera which has the best warranty possible.

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