[number] Tips for Great Black and White Landscape Photography

Black and White Landscape Photography is an art of its own. You can’t just shoot as you would for a color photo and then turn it into black and white. You need practice to achieve a creditable effect with black and white landscape photography.

  1. Design Your Photo: Look carefully at the scene you wish to photograph and find the focal point of shot. Make sure that the surrounding areas lead into the central focus. Look for contrasts and imagine the image in black and white. You might need to walk around a bit to see the shot from all angles. Try it from down low and if there is a vantage point from above as well. Differing angles give you different shots.
  2. Use Filters: Filters are the tools of any photographer. Different filters give you different accents on a scene. When photographing landscapes, a green filter is always of use, because it makes a huge effect on a scene with a large quantity of green in it. Try it and see.
  3. Set the Exposure: By setting your exposure time to less than normal, you don’t allow as much light in and this tends to give you a greater contrast than you would have otherwise. This is especially true when you have a sunny day. It’s the perfect time to take black and white landscape photography.