Matching Photojournalism Courses to Your Skill Level

You have been thinking about a career change and would like to take some photojournalism courses at your local college. Photography has always been your one true love and your passion. Do you have the right basic knowledge of photography to take your passion to the next level? It is important that you have the proper skill set before taking your love of photography to the level of earning a paycheck while doing it.

Education Requirements

As a photojournalist, you should have not only an extensive portfolio but also a bachelor’s degree. Your bachelor’s degree might be in arts, visual communications or photography. Photojournalism is a highly competitive profession. With that being said, you want to make sure that your education helps you to stand out above the rest of the crowd.

Some of the basic skills you need to have to even be considered for a shot at a good photojournalism school include basic photography, computer literacy skills, knowledge of current events, public speaking, geography and history.

Main Focus

Some of the main courses in a photojournalism course of study may include beginning or advanced photography, investigative reporting, and interviewing, documentary photography and so on. As a photojournalist, your main focus will be related to current events in the news.

Degree Options

You can choose between a 2 year Associate of Arts degree and a 4 year Bachelor of Arts degree. The Bachelor’s degree will require more liberal arts courses along with the requirements of general education. Choosing liberal arts classes carefully will help you to stand out above others when the time comes for you to apply for your dream job.