Making Your Photography Business Cards

Photography business cards are a marketing priority when starting a photography business. They need to represent your creative style as well as the quality of your work. Therefore, a few fundamental steps should be taken while making your photography business cards.

Logo Design

Choose a creative logo that will not only represent your specific style, but will also be memorable to future clients. This design will help people to recognize and become familiar with your name and business. “Branding” is key in every market, but it can be especially helpful in a photography business. 

Sample Photo

Include one of your best photo examples on the back side of your business card. This will give people an initial peek at the quality and style of your photography and give them more incentive to want to inquire for further details. Without an example on your business card, people are less likely to have faith in your abilities, especially if they have never seen your photos. 

Print Quality

Find a professional processing lab to print your business cards. This will ensure better quality, which has specific importance for a professional photographer. When a future client sees a poor quality of print on your business card, that will lead them to believe that you will have subpar quality on your photo prints as well. 

Business Information

Provide all contact information for your photography business along with your website address if possible. With the rise of social media marketing, it can be great to add one of those contact tools as well, such as a Facebook business page, Twitter, LinkedIn, Myspace, etc.