Making the Most of a Real Macro Lens

Having a real macro lens gives you an advantage that should not be neglected. Making the most of your investment will give you the satisfaction that you earned when you purchased the lens.

Find a Subject

Macro lenses are designed to allow you to photograph extremely small objects crisply and richly. The human eye does not have as much capacity to capture these images as your lens does. So, photograph a subject that is not normally examined with the naked eye and will be seen in a different perspective when you shoot it through a macro lens. Insects are a popular example, but the options are infinite.

Control Your Environment

Macro photography can be tricky for the same reasons that it is attractive. Because the objects you are capturing are so tiny, what your eye sees will not translate as directly into the photograph as it normally does. Lighting quality is harder to recognize, so you will need to use enhanced instincts. The depth of field is difficult to work with so do not rush when checking your settings. Stay in control and your photos will reflect it.

Macro lenses are excellent tools. Keep these factors under consideration in order to make your images shine.

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