Making Photo Canvas Art at Home

Inkjet printers make it easy to create photo canvas art in your own home. It's possible to purchase the necessary supplies online or in any office supply store. Inkjet printable canvas is easy to find and use. It's possible to print on it using regular ink rather than needing to purchase special printer ink.

Step 1: Buying a Canvas

The first thing that you will need to do is buy the supplies required. You need to buy a piece of printable canvas. For most people, they will want to use an A4 sheet of canvas. If you do have a larger format printer, then you will be able to use a larger sheet of canvas.

As well as the canvas, you will need a wooden frame and a staple gun. It's possible to buy pre-made frames, however, it's also possible to make them out of a few bits of wood.

Step 2: Printing the Canvas

Printing the canvas is very easy. One side of the canvas will be coated with a printable material. If you're not sure which side is printable, then read the instructions which came in the pack. Load this into your printer and print your photo. Set the paper type to matte photo paper for high quality print outs.

Step 3: Stretching the Canvas

When the canvas has been printed, you need to wait for it to dry completely. It's a good idea to wait overnight to ensure that it's fully dry. Start to stretch the canvas over the frame and use the staple gun to fix it in place.

Once you have done this, you will then be able to hang the printed canvas on your wall with ease.