Making Kirlian Photography at Home

Kirlan photography is a unique type of photography which is very interesting to many people. This is a type of high voltage contact photography. It takes its name after Semyon Davidovich Kirlan who did a lot of research in the area of electro-photography.

Making Kirlan Photos

Creating Kirlan photos is quite simple. You need to place a piece of sheet film on top of a discharge plate. A ground can be connected to the object if required. Then the bottom plate is charged momentarily to expose the image.

You then need to develop this film in the normal way to create your Kirlan photograph. Normally, this is a contact process which does not require a camera or lens. However, if you use a transparent discharge plate, then it is possible to use a normal camera or even a video camera.

Building Equipment

It's possible to buy Kirlan photography equipment from many places on the Internet. However, because this is a specialist area of photography, it can be very expensive. Instead you might want to build your own equipment. There are many plans available on the Internet for more guidance.

While many of these systems are powered by batteries, they can still produce enough electricity to give you a nasty shock. The equipment must be treated with respect and never mishandled.


Many researchers into the field of electro-photography have suggested that it has links to the paranormal. While these are not proved, it can be interesting to experiment.

One of the most fascinating claims is that if you cut off a piece of leaf and then photograph the leaf, you will see the whole thing. This was originally discovered by Soviet scientists and only a few other researchers claim to of been able to repeat the phenomenon.