Making Baby Portrait Photography Great

Baby portrait photography poses a number of challenges for photographers. Children in general have a shorter amount of patience as compared to adults. Infants are more problematic as they are unable to verbally express what they are feeling and their moods can change drastically without warning. Photographs should be taken quickly to take advantage of the few instances of getting a great shot. The following are a number of tips to taking great portraits of babies.

Get the Baby’s Attention

It is difficult to force a child to smile, especially infants. If a photographer wants to get great shots of the infant smiling, he has to catch her off-guard. To get the infant’s attention, make sure that there are toys around which the baby can play with. Colorful moving shapes can keep her busy and also help encourage a smile or laugh. In addition, these toys can also act as props which can help enhance the image.

Take Several Shots

The first few months of an infant’s life is filled with changes. For parents and relatives, it is important to always keep a camera ready for a change in expression or to capture a memorable moment. Take shots on a regular basis to document the baby's development. In newer cameras, the continuous mode can help. This will allow the photographer to take several shots in succession.

Close in on the Action

Infants are small. To keep the attention on the baby as the subject, make sure that the background and the infant’s clothing are kept as simple as possible. Take macro shots as much as possible by filling the photo with just the image of the baby. This will keep the viewer's attention on the image of the infant.