Making a Stereoscopic 3D Movie In After Effects

Creating Stereoscopic 3D effects using After Effects is actually very simple. This makes it possible to create a video that people can watch in three dimensions by wearing special glasses. It's possible to convert any video into a 3D video with very little work. When you create these videos, it's possible to watch them on your computer or burn them onto DVD to watch them on a TV.

Converting the Scene to 3D

After Effects makes it very simple to convert the scene to stereo 3D. To do this, select the scene and then click on "Generate Right Comp" at the right side of the screen. This will create a new composition which looks very similar to the first view. However, there is a new object called stereo controls.

Camera Separation

Open the Stereo controls option, and you will see a slider for camera separation. This is the separation between the left and right cameras. Adjust the slider to something that you are happy with. Set this to 30 to start off with. Now regenerate the right composition by clicking the button at the right hand side of the screen. This will create two slightly different image.


Select both the left and the right views and click on the "Stereo Viewer." Now, click on "Generate Stereo Comps". This will generate a new folder containing the files for the stereoscopic image. In the main image, both the images will be combined using the normal red and green.

Removing Borders

To remove some borders, you can adjust the scale of the scene. This will remove unnecessary elements from the video.


It's possible to make changes to your composition, and then the left results will be updated automatically. You will need to manually click on Generate Right Comp to update the right view.