Maintaining a Unique Photography Style

A camera does not make you a photographer; it’s your own unique photography style that sets you apart from everybody else. A lot of young individuals who are fresh in the profession are unclear about what a unique style is and how to develop one. Here are some ideas on how to maintain a unique photography style throughout your career:

Creating a Style

When creating a style, keep in mind the way you would want yourself and your work to be perceived by the audience. Whether you want your pictures to be creative, humorous, abstract or anything else, that attribute must be a part of your style that ultimately defines and creates an individual style of photography.

Maintaining a Style

Once you find your niche, it is inevitable to be typecast in the same style. Maintaining a certain unique style without getting typecast is the key to success here. Consistency in photography does not mean bombarding the audience with similar photographs of the same subject using a routine technique. Rather, after a photographer embodies a certain style, for example a serious/metaphorical tone, then all his photographs project that tone of seriousness whilst differing in the subject, backdrop, camera angles, lighting and even attitude. So, maintaining a certain style requires innovation and not redundancy.