Location Photography: General Rules of Thumb

If location photography is your specialty, then you may be interested in knowing that there are a few general rules of thumb that you should follow. Doing so might help you to be called back.


To begin, if you have a scheduled appointment, do not be late. It is important to your client and to your reputation as a professional photographer that you are on time for your appointments.


Lighting can be a bit tricky for a photographer that shoots on location. You are not afforded the luxury of a perfectly lit studio but yet you want to make sure that your photos come out as professionally as possible. When the sun is beating down on your subject and is creating harsh and unpleasant shadows where you do not want them, remember the basic photography knowledge that you have. Make sure to adjust your camera accordingly and adjust your flash.


When you arrive at your destination, talk to your clients. Ask them where you should set your equipment, where they would like the photos to be taken, and so on. You do not want to set your equipment down on an antique table and scratch it. If the client wants you to take the photographs inside, do not go wandering around inside of their home or office.


Before you move anything around or unplug anything, ask for the client’s permission. When you are finished taking the photos, make sure you clean up whatever mess you made. This includes putting back any items that you moved and plugging back in anything that you unplugged.