Keeping a Baby Still for Portrait Photography

Photographers need a lot of patience and creativity when it comes to working with baby portrait photography. Babies do not keep still for long. When taking pictures of babies, photographers will need to work quickly. Here are a number of considerations when taking photographs of babies.

Age Limitations

A baby’s age can pose more challenges for the photographer. It is important for the photographer to keep note of the infant’s age in order to make the necessary arrangements and preparations prior to the shoot. With the infants up to the third month of age, they are unable to sit up and must be held or photographed lying down. During the next three months, the infant is able to hold its own head but with very little amount of posing possible.

Between the 6th to 9th month, they are able to sit and be posed, but not for very long. After these months, the infant is able to walk and move around more, allowing for more posing.

How to Keep Babies Still

When photographing infants, their moods can change drastically quickly. Infants are content when their parents are around or holding them. Include the parents in the photos when possible. If not, give the baby a toy to play with but keep the parents nearby to make the infant feel more comfortable. The toys should help keep the infant distracted yet happy and will make for some great photos.

Avoid using flash or bright lights whenever possible as these can also make the infant more irritated much faster. Taking photographs of infants while they are asleep can also help photographers take more shots.