Inserting an Object into a Frame in Premiere

The key to inserting any object into frame and clips on movies is to use transparency. If you are using Adobe Premiere, then you can use this to get your image into the system and fit it into the movie that you want. The key to this is to layer your frames over each other. If you are unsure how to use Adobe to Frame an object in a movie, then you can do this project quickly and easily, simply by setting aside some spare time and following some basic instructions on how to fit the picture into the movie.

Materials Needed

  • Adobe Premiere
  • Computer
  • Movie file
  • Files

Step 1: Prepare the Picture

Locate a picture of the object that you want to put into the movie, and save it onto a file on your hard drive (that you will be able to open from your Adobe Premiere window). Make sure that you give your photograph a name that will be memorable, so you can find it easily when you come to open it up. Once the picture is on your computer, open it using Adobe Premiere.

Step 2: Make the Right Background

In order to get the picture onto your movie, you will have to make the background transparent. This can be a problem when you are layering something, as often the background layers are not allowed to have transparency. Fortunately, this can be fixed by right-clicking onto your background when it is in the Layers window. You will then have the option to Layer from Background. Click accept.

Step 3: Create the Image

Now that you have made the background transparent, you can then select the object using the Polygonal Tool. This will then allow you to invert the selection by using the buttons Select, and then Inverse. Once this has been done, touch the delete key once. You should then save the image, either as a .gif or a .psd. The image is now ready to transport into the movie.

Step 4: Import Your Picture

Next, open up your movie into the Adobe Premiere window, and then add the saved object picture. Move the movie along the spot where you want the object image to appear, and then pick up the playhead from the timeline so that the movie is in the right place. Open up the picture, and place it on top of the movie, covering the movie frame with the picture frame. Resize the object by opening it into the preview window, and then pull it using the corner arrows until it fits.

Step 5: Correct the Picture

Once you have the picture in the correct size, you can then open up the Effects window, and adjust the settings as necessary. Select the Motion options, and then toggle the animation for Position by touching the clock item. Go to each frame, and then click on the picture so that it moves with the rest of the pic. You may see small diamond shapes appearing in the timeline, but these can be edited out at a later date.

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