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Music Photography: Picking a Theme for a Magazine Layout

Music photography involves capturing bands and live performances. But, before you can ever start taking pictures, you need to pick a theme for your layout. And, this could be the hardest part of the...[more]

Picking a Spot for Location Photography

It is true what they say about location and it is even more important when you are talking about location photography. The location you choose really can make or break your pictures. Choosing the...[more]

Location Photography: General Rules of Thumb

If location photography is your specialty, then you may be interested in knowing that there are a few general rules of thumb that you should follow. Doing so might help you to be called...[more]

[number] Tips for Great Black and White Landscape Photography

Black and White Landscape Photography is an art of its own. You can’t just shoot as you would for a color photo and then turn it into black and white. You need practice to...[more]

Aerial Camera Systems: Understanding Rail Cameras

Aerial Camera Systems is currently the world leader in designing and distributing Rail camera systems. These cameras are highly specialized modifications of regular broadcasting cameras and are designed for smooth motion. What Is a...[more]

Using Panoramic Photos in Business

Panoramic photos can be used for business and personal use. These photos are made up of several different photos which are then combined. These create a very wide photograph which can contain a lot...[more]

3 Composition Techniques for Editorial Photography

The following article provides a quick walkthrough of some composition techniques used by professional editorial photographers. 1. Rule of Thirds To create good composition for a photograph, you should divide it into three sections...[more]

4 Composition Techniques for Landscape Photography

The composition techniques of landscape photos play a very important role in your career, because it can help you reach your target audience. Listed below are 4 techniques for you to successfully get your...[more]

How to Compose a Slideshow with ProShow Gold Software

The ProShow Gold is a photo slideshow software package that adds some amazing technology to create fantastic looking audio and video presentations. Creating a quick slideshow using the ProShow Gold is a breeze. All...[more]

2 Composition Techniques for Fashion Photography

Below are some quick tips on composition techniques used by fashion photographers to capture some great photographs. Trying out these tips should add something new to your arsenal no matter what your current level...[more]

Tips to Compose an Artful Photo Collage with Software

You can create a photo collage using any available photo collage software like Google Picassa or Shape Collage. Below are some tips to help you create a great photo collage using any of the...[more]

How Composition Changes Graphic Design Objectives

The composition techniques that you use could define and alter the graphic design composition objectives that you may have. Because of this, you should put a lot of thought into your composition before you...[more]

Apply Traditional Art Techniques to Photo Composition

With the advent of modern tools, any photo composition can be turned into an art composition by applying a few simple art effects. You can employ any image manipulation software program like GIMP or...[more]

Photo Composition Techniques for Stock Photography

When you are in the stock photography industry, your photo composition can make or break you. This will determine the value of your photo. There are a lot of people who think that as...[more]

3 Key Features of Windows Live Photo Gallery

Windows Live Photo Gallery is a program that helps you organize and share your photos and videos. Windows Live Photo Gallery also provides a few editing tools that are designed to make your photos...[more]

Windows Live Photo Gallery: Making a Panoramic Photo

Windows Live Photo Gallery makes it very easy to create panoramic photos. By using this software, you can use virtually any type of camera to produce panoramas. A Panoramic photo is where several images...[more]

Correcting Landscape Photos in Photoshop

Taking landscape photos can be very difficult because you are taking a photo of many very different elements. Your camera will try to take the best picture it possibly can, but this isn't always...[more]

What is Panoramic Photography?

Panoramic Photography is capturing images on a wider format, so as to include much more than what eyes can see naturally from a point. To capture a panoramic image, one needs a wider aspect...[more]

Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro: Making a Panorama Image

Corel Paint Shop Photo Pro is a very useful photo editing application which can be used to create many effects. The software makes it very easy to create Panoramic photographs. A panoramic photo is...[more]

Matching Photojournalism Courses to Your Skill Level

You have been thinking about a career change and would like to take some photojournalism courses at your local college. Photography has always been your one true love and your passion. Do you have...[more]

Photojournalism Courses: Give your Pictures Meaning

Photojournalism courses help teach students and budding photographers on how to take photographs without reducing the image’s integrity or changing the context. It is not just about learning how to take good photographs but...[more]

Wedding Photojournalism: Capturing Emotion

Wedding photojournalism involves not just taking photographs of the bride, the groom and the important people attending the event but also the emotion and emotion and energy surrounding the event. A wedding is an...[more]

Photojournalism Schools: What to Look For

Photojournalism has become very popular lately, therefore, it only makes sense that photojournalism schools have seen an increase in their student bodies. Colleges have noticed that there is a new found interest in this...[more]

Understanding Photojournalism and Its Impact on the World

Photojournalism is a sub discipline of photography which involves of capturing images to help tell a story. In a large number of cases, these individuals are hired by newspapers or magazines. A number of...[more]

Photojournalism: Pursuing a Career

To become successful at photojournalism, you have to be willing to be aggressive enough to capture the best possible picture, but still be sensitive to the needs of the subject. You will need to...[more]

What Makes Photojournalism Photography Compelling?

Photojournalism photography is a branch of photography wherein images are used to report a story. Photos are capable of telling the story with using a single or a few images. These are important whether...[more]

Making a Stereoscopic 3D Movie In After Effects

Creating Stereoscopic 3D effects using After Effects is actually very simple. This makes it possible to create a video that people can watch in three dimensions by wearing special glasses. It's possible to convert...[more]

Digiscope Basics 101

Learning how to digiscope is actually not too hard. Basically, with digiscoping, you will use a digital camera and a fieldscope to capture shots of distance images. Many people like to use digiscoping for...[more]

Digiscoping: A Bird Watcher's Best Friend

If you are an avid bird watcher and want to take great photos, then Digiscoping can prove to be quite advantageous. Here are few tips which will help you take those outstanding shots. Spotting...[more]

Applying Digiscoping to Nature Photography

There are four basic things that you need to look at to get some nice and crisp nature-based photographs when using a digiscoping with a camera (digital or digital SLR). The following article discusses...[more]

What is a Camera's Flange Focal Distance?

The Flange Focal Distance (FFD) of a camera is the distance from the film plane or sensor to the mounting flange. The mounting flange consists of the ring mechanism on the body of the...[more]

Why Digital Astrophotography Is Better than Analog

Digital astrophotography involves photographing astronomical objects in the sky, and many beginners are interested in trying their hand at this. But, it’s often hard to figure out whether or not you should choose analog...[more]

Understanding Image Stacking for Astrophotography

Image stacking is the process of combing two images so that the overall detail is more intense. This effect is most often seen in astrophotography. Astrophotography involves photography items in the sky, including the...[more]

Understanding Webcam Astrophotography

Webcam astrophotography is slowly becoming a very popular form of astrophotography. Those who use webcams for astrophotography are typically focusing on planetary shots. Webcams are good for planetary shots because they are capable of...[more]

Achieving Great Digital Astrophotography

It is very easy to achieve great digital astrophotography with digital SLR cameras. In order to achieve great digital astrophotography, you will need to have the proper equipment, know which settings to use on...[more]

Image Calibration and Astrophotography

One of the features needed in programs used in astrophotography is image calibration. It is an advanced image processing technique, which  also involves aligning and stacking images to make the final image clearer. Definition...[more]

Camera Control and Astrophotography

A number of computer programs designed for use in astrophotography offer users a high level of camera control. Through the use of the program, the camera settings can be manipulated. By using these programs,...[more]

Making Your Own Astrophotography Images

Astrophotography is the art of taking photos of the heavenly objects in the sky. The difference between the types of photos you can take is literally night and day. Shooting the sun during an...[more]

Creating a Video Game Avatar Using Rotoscoping

Rotoscoping is the process of tracing over a live-action film to create animation, and this is also a way to create a video game avatar. This is an advanced skill that requires some knowledge...[more]

Using High Dynamic Range in Astrophotography

Producing a high dynamic range image, also known as HDR image, is easy when using the proper software program. Easy HDR Pro is a useful image processing program, able to produce and enhance the...[more]

4 Tips for Good Moon Photography

Moon photography is definitely one of the most challenging assignments a photographer can take on. There are many factors going against you, and a very small window that could aid you in coming up...[more]

3 Useful DSLR Cameras for Astrophotography

The best DSLR cameras for astrophotography are made by Canon and Nikon. If you are not familiar with DSLR cameras, DSLR stands for digital single lens reflex camera. One of the best features of...[more]

3 Tips for Astrophotography

As the name suggests, astrophotography involves taking pictures of the night sky. There is no better picture than a picture that features the stars and the moon. If you are just getting into astrophotography,...[more]

Enhancing Paranormal Photography with an HDR Effect

Creating Paranormal photographs is possible by using HDR Photography. HDR combines three separate photographs of different exposures. It is possible to fake HDR effects from one photograph. This is one of the easiest ways...[more]

Enhancing Underwater Photography with an HDR Effect

Underwater photography can be a challenge at times. This is because you will need specialist equipment. Digital photography doesn't only make underwater photography easier, but it also makes different techniques possible. It's possible to...[more]

Enhancing a Wedding Picture with an HDR Effect

Setting up to take a wedding picture can be very stressful. There are many different techniques which can be used to create interesting pictures which will make your clients happy. One method is using...[more]

Tone Mapping for Graduation Photography

Tone mapping is a relatively new process in digital photography; it has been used in the past in 3D, but now it is used for image taking and editing, because it allows professionals and...[more]

4 Useful Tone Mapping Software Programs

There are many different Tone Mapping and HDR applications which are available. All of these have different features and will suit people with different objectives and budgets. 1. PhotoMatix PhotoMatix is one of the...[more]

Understanding Tone Mapping

Tone mapping is a technique used by video professionals and video aficionados to map one color set to another, in order to enhance the colors and appearance of dynamic images into mediums with a...[more]

Tone Mapping in PhotoMatix Pro 3

PhotoMatix Pro 3 is a versatile photo editing software with many features. One of the main features is that it enables you to create HDR images with just a few clicks, and it also...[more]

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