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3 Websites for Free Scenery Photos

Scenery photos are available at various websites. All you need to do is simply visit those websites and download the pictures. Here are three website that supply free scenery photos: 1. Scenery photos...[more]

How to Make Black and White Fine Art Photography a New Profession

Black and white art photography is a fantastic way for many photographers to earn some extra income. While black and white photography might seem easy at first, it can actually be quite tricky. This...[more]

How to Make Your Own Digital Photo Gallery Website

All photographers can use a digital photo gallery to showcase their work. By displaying your work on the Internet, it should be much easier to attract customers to your business. There are many pieces...[more]

How to Find Quality Scenic Photos for Commercial Use

If you have a website, you may need to find high quality scenic photos which can be used for commercial use. There are a number of different ways that you could go about getting...[more]

How to Make Money with Stock Photography While You Travel

Anyone who enjoys traveling can also make some extra money from travel stock photography. This is a very rewarding thing to do, because you can take photos while being a tourist. Depending on the...[more]

How to Make Money with Landscape Stock Photography

It is becoming difficult to sell landscape stock photography these days. The supply is high while the demand is low, and the competition is becoming more and more intense. However, selling stock photography still...[more]

2 Tips to Create a Nature Photo Gallery

When you want to create a nature photo gallery, you need to understand your need and ease of functionality. For creating the photo gallery, you have two choices. You can either do it on your...[more]

How to Use Nature as Your Subject for Fine Art Photography

Photographers and nature lovers will be able to combine both their hobbies with nature art photography. This is a very exciting type of photography where you can take photos of animals and plants. There are...[more]

Guide to Black and White Fine Art Photography for Beginners

Black and white fine art photography is the oldest type of photography and remains a favorite among photographers. From amateurs to the most seasoned professionals, photographers enjoy experimenting with monochrome. The following are a...[more]

How to Use Nature for Dramatic Landscape Photography

Nature landscape photography may seem like an easy feat because there’s no need for complicated lighting or studio set-ups. It seems that all you need is a camera and a little bit of luck....[more]

3 Famous Landscape Photographers for Beginners to Study

There are several famous landscape photographers that you can study if you are beginning to learn the art of photography. Here are three photographers that have inspired many with their images. 1. Ansel Adams...[more]

4 Tips to Start Shooting Black and White Nature Photography

Black and white nature photography isn’t as simple as it sounds. You will require patience to achieve good results, but with time and practice, it will slowly develop into a skill you can exploit...[more]

How to Apply Landscape Techniques for Seascape Photography

Seascape photography is not very different from landscape photography. It is also natural scenery that you want to come alive in your photograph. The sea still offers several dramatic opportunities for the landscape photographer....[more]

Professional Landscape Photography: Revealing the Drama

Some people consider professional landscape photography a dream job because you get to travel all over the world to different places to find their natural beauty. In order to succeed as a landscape photographer, you need...[more]

What is Color Management?

The term color management refers to a process wherein the characteristics of colors in each device being used are manipulated. This process allows the colors to remain consistent even when the image is transferred...[more]

Achieving a Great Photography Workflow

Unless you are able to achieve a great photography workflow, you will not succeed in efficiently transferring your pictures from a camera to their final and desired format. There are a number of steps...[more]

When to Use Full Spectrum Lighting

The term full spectrum lighting is a misnomer. It is not considered a real term by a number of expert photographers. Although there are a number of fluorescent lighting devices which are advertised to...[more]

3 Great Natural Light Sources

Natural light sources are great because they can be manipulated to create great photographic lighting and can save you a lot of money in equipment rentals as they might make the need for artificial...[more]

Using Natural Light Lamps in Photography

Natural light lamps are used to simulate natural light. These types of lamps are marketed and advertised to providing light closest resembling that of natural sunlight. Photographers use these light sources to provide controlled...[more]

3 Reasons to Use Natural Light in Photography

As a photographer, you get used to working with different kinds of lighting, including natural light, to produce high quality photos. With natural light, you don’t need to carry around extra equipment, and you...[more]

Creating Natural Light in a Studio

Taking photographs with natural light can produce photos of a high quality that studio lighting just cannot produce. Often in the studio, it is not always possible to have a window that can be...[more]

3 Tips for Window Lighting Beginners

Window lighting instead of using a flash can be an option; use a tripod when you are shooting indoors, turn the flash off, stand out of direct line of the window and concentrate on...[more]

Creating a Lomography Photograph in Photoshop

Lomography photography gets its name from LOMO PLC, which was a company in St. Petersburg, Russia (which produced standard point-and-shoot cameras). While it may seem counterintuitive, lomography focuses on the accidents of photography: blurry...[more]

What is Lomography?

Lomography is the trademark of the company known as Lomographische AG in Austria. Lomography is based on the idea that you can create meaningful and unique photos in your day to day life. It...[more]

The Importance of Senior Portrait Photography

Senior portrait photography captures one of the most important aspects of a person’s life. It allows seniors to show the world who they are in a creative way. In the past, photography for seniors...[more]

Making Baby Portrait Photography Great

Baby portrait photography poses a number of challenges for photographers. Children in general have a shorter amount of patience as compared to adults. Infants are more problematic as they are unable to verbally express...[more]

Keeping a Baby Still for Portrait Photography

Photographers need a lot of patience and creativity when it comes to working with baby portrait photography. Babies do not keep still for long. When taking pictures of babies, photographers will need to work...[more]

How to Take Great Outdoor Portrait Photography

Often, great outdoor portrait photography is easier than getting great indoor portraits. However, things have to be done the right way to achieve these great photos. Step 1: Choose the Location The location you...[more]

What is Micro Photography?

Micro photography involves taking photographs using a microscope. The technology used is similar to that of an astronomical telescope. It is used to take images of substances smaller than a grain of sand that...[more]

3 Uses of Aura Photography

Aura photography is the art of taking a photograph of the energy field that surrounds any living object. The modern Aura cameras were invented in the 1970’s. These are different from the invention made...[more]

Aura Photography: How to Use an Digital Camera

Aura photography involves capturing a person’s aura, which refers to the radiation surrounding a person or object. While many people use special cameras to capture this aura, you can actually capture somebody’s aura using...[more]

Great Poses for Surf Photos

When you think of great poses for surf photos, you think of guys on their surfboards on the water. Here are some other poses to consider in order to capture the perfect surfing photo. Next...[more]

3 Tips to Enhance Surf Photos

Surf photos are a major attraction, as you usually have miles of beach and sand to utilize to get the shot you want. Keep sand away from your camera. Nothing is worse than sand...[more]

Surf Photography: How to Take Pictures On a Board

Surf photography is a unique challenge. In order to take good surf photos, you will need to learn how to take good quality pictures when standing on a board. This is an invaluable skill...[more]

How to Take Great Surf Photography

Surf photography can be difficult to obtain, but if you do it right, you will end up with some amazing shots. While you can take okay surf photography by standing on the beach, many...[more]

Making Kirlian Photography at Home

Kirlan photography is a unique type of photography which is very interesting to many people. This is a type of high voltage contact photography. It takes its name after Semyon Davidovich Kirlan who did...[more]

What is Kirlian Photography?

By definition, Kirlian photography is a technique of photography that, with the help of high-frequency, displays the patterns and colors of an object's aura or energy. Kirlian photography is popular in the movie industry...[more]

What Is Equine Photography?

Equine photography is photography that features horses as the subject. Some feature simply the horse or horses and others feature the horse with a rider. Horses are majestic creatures that can create some really...[more]

What Makes Seascape Photography Different?

Seascape photography is a branch of landscape photography where the sea is part of the main subject of the image. It is unique and distinct from other forms of photography for a number of...[more]

Making Photo Canvas Art at Home

Inkjet printers make it easy to create photo canvas art in your own home. It's possible to purchase the necessary supplies online or in any office supply store. Inkjet printable canvas is easy to...[more]

Canvas Wrap: How to Stretch Your Own Canvas

If you are going to be creating paintings, then you should make your own canvas wrap. This will save you the time and expense of having someone else do it for you. And, best...[more]

Taking Note of a Giclee Canvas Print Price Guide

A giclee canvas print is similar to the old painting prints, except that they actually look more like the original painting. And, unlike traditional prints, giclees can actually go up in value. But, you...[more]

What is a Giclee Canvas Print?

A giclee canvas print is basically a print that is produced by using a printing technique which involves the use of digital images that are scanned in high resolution as the source, and printing...[more]

4 Reasons to Put Photos on Canvas

If you are a professional photographer, then you will probably receive lots of requests to print photos on canvas. There are many different reasons why people want to display their photos in this way....[more]

3 Websites that Make Great Canvas Photo Prints

If you want to turn your digital photo prints into a work of art by having them turned into canvas photo prints, there are some places on the Internet that can easily do this...[more]

Understanding Canvas Photo Prints

Canvas photo prints are all about creating art works out of an image, which in most cases is digitally captured. A canvas print of a digitally captured photograph can actually last for hundreds of...[more]

Taking Guitar Photography to the Next Level

Guitar photography is interesting for many people. The guitar is such an important instrument that there are lots of people wanting the photos. These photos are used on music websites and also have many...[more]

How to Make Great Musician Photography

One of the most challenging types of photography can be musician photography. This photography takes some patience to get right. Knowing your subject is very important. Step 1: Meet the Musician To start off,...[more]

Retouching Album Art in Photoshop

Creating and retouching already-made album art is an important step in making a first impression on behalf of the album artist. Retouching an album art cover (audio or picture) is important to a designer,...[more]

Taking Great Album Art Photography at Home

Album art photography may sound simple but it isn’t. People may think that there is nothing special in taking pictures for album covers, but what they do not realize is that album art photography...[more]

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