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3 Tips for Artful Landscape Photography

Landscape photography tips can be useful to any beginners new to the craft, whether they want to pursue landscape photography as a hobby or profession. Anyone can create artful landscape photos as long as...[more]

Taking Great Valentines Day Pictures

Valentines Day pictures make memorable moments worth holding onto. People in love usually demand Valentines Day pictures that are memorable, unique and special. Here are tips for taking great pictures that are guaranteed to...[more]

Taking Great Fishing Pictures

When fishing pictures are used for local news reports or online fishing sites, more people are likely to criticize how they're taken and not the size of the fish. Here are a few tips...[more]

3 Hotel Photography Trends

Current hotel photography techniques have recently shifted to a more realistic approach, giving guests a more truthful and precise view of the hotels they want to visit. Here are three current hotel photography trends:...[more]

4 Masters of Black and White Landscape Photography

Black and white landscape photography can be a very striking and beautiful way to showcase photography. Here are some of the masters of black and white landscape photography over the years: 1. Ansel Adams...[more]

2 Tips for Making Great High Key Photography

High key photography is a photographic style that involves having one light source that is significantly brighter than anything else being used. Two characteristics of high key photography are areas that are over exposed...[more]

What Is High Key Photography?

High key photography involves photography where there is a large amount of light tones and fewer mid-tones or shadows. The best way to obtain high key is by using in-camera techniques rather than trying...[more]

5 Tips for Great Cemetery Pictures

Taking cemetery photographs offers a unique location which can be used for many different purposes. When taking photos in a cemetery, there are a few important things to consider. This article will look at...[more]

Taking Great Texture Pictures

Clicking great texture pictures is easy, fun and a pretty good way to get paid. To capture good textures, you actually do not need to be a professional photographer or have access to state...[more]

How to Take Rodeo Pictures

Taking rodeo pictures is a great way to earn some extra cash while improving your skills in photographing live action. The quick paced action with intense emotion associated with rodeos makes it a challenging...[more]

How to Take Great Fireworks Pictures

Fireworks pictures attempt to capture the action with a colorful play of lights. Some photographers may feel frustrated with capturing the elusive right moment when it comes to fireworks. Here are a few suggested...[more]

How to Take Great Restaurant Pictures

There is an increase in demand for great restaurant pictures. Restaurant owners need pictures of their cuisines for their various marketing needs. Food bloggers use pictures to inform the public of an upcoming or...[more]

How to Take Great Dolphin Pictures

Dolphins are wonderful subjects, but you need to have some skill to take great dolphin pictures. However, even a beginner can quickly learn how to snap some amazing dolphin pictures as long as he...[more]

How to Take Great Insect Photography

Insect photography is an interesting style to try for a number of reasons. There is no shortage of subjects to photograph with the billions of insects all over the planet any time of the...[more]

Taking Great Farm Pictures

The farm evokes thoughts of bucolic life and taking farm pictures helps you capture those memories. And, knowing the right techniques can make your pictures even better. All you need to take great farm...[more]

Taking Great Skiing Pictures

Taking skiing pictures can be challenging. This is because the light bouncing off the snow can cause the scene to be extremely bright. You will need to learn a few simple tips which can...[more]

4 Tips for Taking Professional Swimming Pictures

When taking swimming pictures, there are two major things to take into consideration: great timing and humidity, as these affect the quality of the pictures. Here are four tips for taking professional swimming pictures:...[more]

Basketball Photography: The Basics

It is quite easy to master the basics of basketball photography. All you need is to equip yourself with the right tools, pick a suitable location, and set up your camera. After completing these...[more]

Taking Great Butterfly Pictures

Taking butterfly pictures requires a lot of skill to achieve effectively. Butterflies are difficult to photograph because of their size and the way they move. However, if done successfully, butterfly pictures can be stunning...[more]

Sailing Pictures: Stabilizing Your Camera on a Boat

If you are interested in shooting sailing pictures, one of your main concerns will be keeping your camera from shaking when shooting from a moving and rocking boat. There are fortunately a number of...[more]

What Is Texture Photography?

Texture photography is one way of drawing the viewer’s attention into the image. Photographs that use this technique create impact by showing different textures. When used correctly, the effect of the texture of the...[more]

3 Techniques for Taking In-Motion Bicycle Pictures

Moving bicycle pictures freeze a moment in time, capturing movement in a single image. The techniques involved in photographing bicycles in motion are different from those of still objects. Blurring is expected, but can...[more]

Taking a Picture From a Bicycle in Motion

For an interesting picture, bicycle mounted cameras can provide a unique viewpoint. This is great when photographing racers or a scenic drive. Photographers can also be creative by including the front wheel or the...[more]

Headshot Photography: Do's and Don’ts

Headshot photography involves using a person’s face as the focus of the photograph. It is used in a wide range of industries from the formal corporate setting to the more creative entertainment field. The...[more]

How to Get Better Scenic Photography on Your Vacation

Going away for your vacation presents a great opportunity for scenic photography. After all, you're traveling to a place that you've never been to before so to not take scenic photos might seem like...[more]

How to Get Optimum Window Lighting

In portrait photography, window lighting is one of the most popular types of natural lighting. Not only is this readily available, but window lighting also provides a lot of versatility. Natural light coming through...[more]

The Difference Between Micro Photography and Close Up Photography

There are several important differences between micro and close-up photography. The first difference is the type of lens that is used. What is Micro Photography? Micro photography is usually taken with a macro lens....[more]

Differences between Film and Digital Landscape Photography

Digital landscape photography is still in its early stages when compared to film based landscape photography, which has had more than 100 years of refinement. The primary difference is in the kind of equipment...[more]

3 Problems Outdoor Portrait Photography Presents

The sun is the main source of light when achieving outdoor portrait photography. It is free and produces the most accurate colors. Photographing in the outdoors comes with its own set of challenges. The...[more]

Black and White Portrait Photography: When Is It Best to Use

The beauty of black and white portrait photography has caused this art to survive the age of modern digital color photography. There are several reasons why the best photographers make use of this medium....[more]

What to Know about Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Las Vegas wedding photography is by no means a cakewalk. A wedding photographer in Las Vegas has the potential to either make or break the wedding couple’s big day. You will need a lot...[more]

5 Tips for Great Headshot Photography

Headshot photography is a popular way to take pictures. Many people also need these types of pictures for a portfolio. As a photographer, you want your subject to get the best possible photos, so...[more]

Explaining High Speed Photography

High speed photography involves freezing moments which occur too quickly to be appreciated by human sight or recorded by regular point and shoot cameras. To photograph a bee in mid flight with a regular...[more]

Guide to Stitched Panoramic Landscape Photography

Panoramic landscape photography gives you breath taking views, a result of wide angle lens being used. Photographers generally take consecutive pictures of a particular view and then stitch those together, with the help of...[more]

Making Your Photography Business Cards

Photography business cards are a marketing priority when starting a photography business. They need to represent your creative style as well as the quality of your work. Therefore, a few fundamental steps should be...[more]

Maintaining a Unique Photography Style

A camera does not make you a photographer; it’s your own unique photography style that sets you apart from everybody else. A lot of young individuals who are fresh in the profession are unclear...[more]

Achieving Your Own Photography Style

A personal photography style makes one photographer's work different from the next. There are hundreds of thousands of photographers active in the business, and therefore, you must have a personal style in photography. Here...[more]

Tips for Taking Pictures in Fog

When capturing pictures, fog effects can help give an ambient, mysterious feel to an image. Fog can appear anytime during the mid evening up until the early hours of the morning. Similar to the...[more]

6 Popular Websites for Landscapes Photos

There are some incredible landscape photos on the Internet. The number of websites offering you free or royalty free photos is growing daily. It’s important to remember that there is a difference between free...[more]

4 Tips for Urban Landscape Photographers

Urban landscape photographers are used a lot for shooting commercials scenes. There are several factors that they have to take into account when taking their photographs, and here are four tips for them: 1....[more]

5 Ways Unique Photography Can Launch Your Career

Taking unique photography is one of the best ways that you can use to launch your career. The problem with photography is that it's fairly easy to take the same shots as other people....[more]

4 Modern Techniques for Maternity Photos

Maternity photos document an important stage in a mother’s life prior to giving birth. There are several options which photographers can choose from without resorting to the traditional or cliché. Here are four modern...[more]

How to Submit Your Artistic Photos for Stock Photography

Selling artistic photos is a great way for photographers of all levels to earn passive income. Each download corresponds to a certain fee which may increase depending on the popularity of a certain image....[more]

3 Tips for Shooting Better Wildlife Photos

When shooting wildlife photos, it is essential to understand wildlife in order to get the best photos and remain safe. Here are few tips for shooting wildlife photos: 1. Use a Telephoto Lens It...[more]

Beautiful Nature Pictures in 3 Simple Steps

Taking beautiful nature pictures has its own set of challenges, but can also provide an infinite number of opportunities for photographers to take great photographs. The following are a few steps to capture the...[more]

How to Start Your Career as a Travel Photographer

Carving out a career as a travel photographer can be very hard work but still profitable. There are many steps that you will need to consider when trying to become a travel photographer. Travel...[more]

5 Popular Websites for Free Wildlife Stock Photography

Wildlife stock photography can be free, but more likely it will be royalty free and there is a huge difference. It is important to know what you can get for the price. Royalty free...[more]

4 Tricks of Modern Photographers for Landscape Photography

Landscape photography can take on a different twist when accomplished by modern photographers. From the final image alone, you can already differentiate a traditional landscape photograph from a modern one. If you want scenic...[more]

How to Use Framing to Bring Focus to Your Subject

Learning framing photography tips will make it much easier to create compelling and interesting photos. The framing is also known as the composition. This is how you design the photo and how it will...[more]

Benefits of Nature Stock Photography Over Other Types

It's possible for photographers to make an income from nature stock photography. There are many advantages of taking nature stock photography over other types of photography. By taking these photos, you can improve your...[more]

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