How to Use Nature as Your Subject for Fine Art Photography

Photographers and nature lovers will be able to combine both their hobbies with nature art photography. This is a very exciting type of photography where you can take photos of animals and plants. There are a few important tips that you will need to bear in mind when trying to make the most out of these types of photos.

Step 1: Decide What and Where to Shoot

The first thing that you should do is think about exactly what it is you want to capture on film. Then decide where you want to visit to get these shots. Sometimes there are a few different venues which are suitable, and other times there is only one place that you can visit to get these photographs.

Step 2: Frame the Shot

You will need to frame the shot so that the subject is in the right position. For the best results and the most compelling photograph, you should bear the rule of thirds in mind. This is where the subject should intersect one of the thirds of the photo.

Step 3: Be Patient

If you are taking a photo of a landscape or a tree, then you can snap away when you're ready. However, if you are trying to capture illusive animals on film, then you will need to be much more patient. Camp out with the camera aimed and positioned in the right place so that you can take the best photo possible.