How to Use Framing to Bring Focus to Your Subject

Learning framing photography tips will make it much easier to create compelling and interesting photos. The framing is also known as the composition. This is how you design the photo and how it will look on the screen. This can create all sorts of interesting effects. When you want to draw the viewers eye towards the subject in your photo, then you will need to carefully think about the framing methods that you use.

Framing can be a tricky concept to grasp because there are no right or wrong answers. You will need to compare the different types of framing to see which one works best for different types of photography.

Step 1: Decide on the Main Subject

The first thing that you will need to do before you even consider taking the photo is decide exactly what the main subject of the photo will be. This will normally be a person in the photo. However, it can also be anything including a building or a tree. Decide exactly what you want your viewers to focus on so that you can decide on the subject.

No matter what type of photo you are taking, you will need to decide on a subject. Landscapes, portraits and cityscapes all need to have a subject. These will give your viewers something to look at which will give your photo a purpose.

Step 2: Understand the Law of Thirds

In order to frame your subject correctly, you will need to understand the rule of thirds. This is an artistic and photographic theory which will make the subject look more important. To use this, divide the picture into thirds both horizontally and vertically. Positioning the main subject so that it intersects where these lines cross will help to make it more interesting. This is because a viewer's eyes will be drawn in towards these points automatically.

Step 3: Frame the Subject

You then need to frame the photo so that the subject is the most important part of the picture. To do this, you should get closer to the subject you're trying to capture. You could also use the zoom lens on your camera to make the subject much larger in the picture. This will make the subject fill much more of the photo. It will also be possible to use this to position the subject in the photo.

Step 4: Consider Surroundings

When framing photos, you will also need to consider the surroundings. Sometimes photographing something through the trees can create unique and interesting results. This can make your photos look much more unique and special.

Step 5: Add Backgrounds

If you are taking a portrait photograph, then you might consider making the background blurred. This will make it much easier for the person to be seen and focused on. You should also choose a background which isn't too busy or distracting.

Framing your photos correctly will make it much easier to make them look special and important.