How To Take Great Sports Stock Photos

Submitting stock photos as royalty free images is a good way to earn income and boost your reputation as a photographer. One thing any photographer needs to remember about submitting stock photos to royalty free websites is that they have very high standards. Sites like Stock.Xchng are very picky about the quality they allow in their database. The picture cannot be taken in a haphazard manner. The angle, lighting and object must be taken with clear precision. The same standard applies to sports photography as well. Shooting this type of photography can be very difficult because the image that the photographer wants to take is always in motion. This means that the photographer has to be skilled at timing and camera angle. Here are some strategies to use.

Step 1: Select a Good Camera

For those who are just starting out, read a bit about the jargon terms of photography before buying. Photography magazines are a good place to start. Buy a good quality camera from a reputable brand. Ask veteran photographers for recommendations. The type of camera to look for is the Lens Reflex Camera. Ideal cameras can take at least 6 frames per second. The lens must be top notch lens with a great focal point. Don't get too hung up on the specifications of the camera. It is the skill of the photographer that determines how well the picture turns out.

Step 2: Practice on Moving Object

It is advisable to practice adequately before taking sport photography. Practice on moving objects first and as your skills improve, start photographing faster moving objects. The most important part of sports photography is mastering the shutter speed and aperture. Once you have practiced enough, it is time to take your skill to the next level. Go to the nearest sporting event. It does not have to be a grand event. At the event, learn to take pictures of the moving players. Be liberal with the amount of shots taken. Remember, only one excellent picture is required, so just snap away.

Step 3: Have Knowledge of the Sport

Read up on the sport itself because knowing about it is very advantageous. If the knowledge of the sport is vast, the photographer can know when the best time is to take pictures of those crucial moments is. For example, if the photographer has good knowledge of basketball, he knows when a throwing shot will come. This will give him time to prepare the camera and equipment for the incoming shot. Try playing some of the sport yourself to get familiarized with the aspects of the sport.

Step 4: Select an Excellent Photo

Now it is time to select an excellent photo and transfer the photo to your computer. Delete the ones that are not suitable. Take time to look at the angles and the lighting. Be rigorous in your process because the quality of the photo determines the skill and level. Submit the photo to the stock photo site for review.