How to Take Great Restaurant Pictures

There is an increase in demand for great restaurant pictures. Restaurant owners need pictures of their cuisines for their various marketing needs. Food bloggers use pictures to inform the public of an upcoming or existing restaurant. Other types of consumers may like to take pictures as a souvenir of their experience. The following are a few tips to taking great pictures.

Step 1: Work with Natural Light

Natural light gives the most accurate colors. Aim to do the photo shoot during the late afternoon, and stand beside the window with the most amount of sunlight coming in. This gives you enough light to work with.

Step 2: Use a White or Neutral Background

The focus of the image should be the food and how it was presented. Use a clean background to keep the focus on the food. A white table cloth or napkin can help block out all of the other elements that can distract the viewer from the dish.

Step 3: Take Lots of Shots

Photograph from all sides and different angles. There is no way of properly determining if the perfect shot has already been taken until the editing stage. Having lots of photographs also increases the number of images to choose from. Close ups are great as these focus on the various elements used and give an interesting view.

Step 4: Work Quickly

When working with food and natural lighting, work as quickly as possible. Food can melt, wilt or change color quickly. If set up time is needed, do not bring out the dish until all of the equipment and settings are ready.

Step 5: Use Props

Use elements related to the dish being photographed to add visual interest. A glass of juice, a set of utensils and the like can also create help the viewer judge the size of the dish. These should only be used to support the subject and not detract the viewer from it.