How to Take Great Outdoor Portrait Photography

Often, great outdoor portrait photography is easier than getting great indoor portraits. However, things have to be done the right way to achieve these great photos.

Step 1: Choose the Location

The location you choose for your outdoor shot is important. Look for an area that does not look cluttered, but find a nice tree or bush for the background. Better yet, look for a place that has a unique feature such as a waterfall or a large rock, depending on the mood you wish to set.

Step 2: Ensure the Correct Lighting

Generally speaking, outside shots are best when the sun is not directly overhead. When the sun is shining directly down, it can cause harsh shadows with the way the sunlight reflects off of other items, such as trees. Early morning or sunsets are typically the best times to shoot outdoor photos. Cloudy days also tend to make good days to take outside photographs because the sunshine is diffused through the clouds.

Step 3: Composition

Make sure to take the time you need to set up everything in your photo to ensure it shows the idea that you want to portray. Choose to use different angles; try getting closer when you need to capture detail. Focus on the person or the object that you are photographing more than the background. Do not be afraid to experiment a little bit and, instead of centering the object or person that you are photographing, try positioning them off to one side or the other. Enjoy taking the photographs.