How To Take Great Music Stock Photos

Taking stock photos in the Music category gives you a whole bunch of choices. Music is a very diverse and wide subject and there is no hard-set rule on what you must photograph. As there are plenty of music genres, so are there unlimited possibilities in music stock photography. Here are some tips to help you build your music stock photo portfolio.

1. Research on Key Words

Stock photos are searched through keywords. Find out which music-related keywords are most in demand. Is it "music sheets" "kids violin" or "jazz singer"? This will give you an insight on what you should focus on.

2. Choose Your Subject

There are loads of subjects in music that you concentrate on. You can try classical and orchestra instruments, rock band, music technology and more. Choose a subject that is most accessible to you. If you have a DJ friend, you might want to focus on that and clubbing. If you know someone in a jazz band, then you have access to wind instruments and jazz clubs. Pick a music photo subject that you are interested in and that's within your network.

3. Plan Your Compositions

This is a very crucial part of a successful stock photo portfolio. You will have to carefully plan your images. Do you want to take pictures of a girl singing or a whole choir? Will you have music sheets on your piano or flowers on the keyboard? Lighting is of course an integral part of this stage as well.

4. Have a Concept

This is one of the ways that will make your photograph stand out. It's not enough to simply have a great shot, it should also be memorable. Having a concept or portraying emotions is one way for your photograph to get recognized. You might have an old pianist hunched over a grand piano or a young boy happily learning the violin. There's a lot you can do with emotions and the proper framing, composition and lighting will help you achieve a standout picture.

5. Make Them Move

If you have subjects and models, employ movement as much as possible. Have them play the instrument or ruffle through music sheets, dance with a headset or scratch at the DJ booth. It's best if your shots show dynamic action. Static photos are often readily ignored in stock photo sites.

6. Get Out of the Box

You never know when there's a need for a totally outrageous and ridiculous photo in the music category. Think up some crazy ideas and just put it out there. Have grandma pretend to play the electric guitar, put a virtuoso behind a miniature piano, get a 2 year old to pretend to be an orchestra conductor and more. These unique photos will surely be noticed by stock photo clients, and who knows, it might lead to more recognition for yourself. Besides, you will surely have fun cooking up these wacky ideas.