How to Take Great Dolphin Pictures

Dolphins are wonderful subjects, but you need to have some skill to take great dolphin pictures. However, even a beginner can quickly learn how to snap some amazing dolphin pictures as long as he has a good digital SLR camera and sets his camera to the action setting.

Step 1: Capture Dolphins in a Natural Setting

The best place to capture dolphin photographs is in the ocean or similar waterway. This is where they are most free, and the ocean makes for an amazing background. Purchase underwater casing and bring some external lighting. Then, do some scuba diving.

Dolphins are naturally curious so they are more than likely to come up to your camera or you and investigate. Just be ready to snap as many pictures as possible.

Step 2: Go to a Park

If you do not have the means to find dolphins in the ocean, then head to some type of animal water park. Sea World is one of the most famous and it often displays dolphin shows. You can also view the animals under the water through the containment glass.

If you are taking pictures through a glass, turn off your flash and consider putting your camera right up to the glass. Flash will cause reflections, and the glass can cause your camera to only focus on the glass (and not the object behind it).

Step 3: Set Your Camera to Action

The action setting will work best for these fast-moving animals, and it will help with blurriness. Also, use the continuous shooting mode, which is usually found within your menu settings. This allows you to take multiple pictures simply by holding down your shutter button.

Step 4: Take as Many Pictures as Possible

The key is to keep shooting as much as possible. You usually only get one or two good pictures from 30 or 40 action shots.