How to Submit Your Artistic Photos for Stock Photography

Selling artistic photos is a great way for photographers of all levels to earn passive income. Each download corresponds to a certain fee which may increase depending on the popularity of a certain image. Here are a few steps to submitting photographs to stock photograph websites.

1. Take High Quality Photographs

Photographs for stock photography sites need to be of high quality and resolution. A high quality stock photograph has a size of around 50 megabytes. Photographs with a size of 2 to 3 megabytes can be uploaded to micro stock photography websites, used for websites and smaller projects.

2. Read the Guidelines

Guidelines vary depending on the website. There are websites which do not allow photographs to be edited with the exception of converting the file format. Some websites require the photographs to be in the RAW format. Others vary from TIFF, PNG or JPEG. Do not resize the photograph.

3. Upload Image

Register to several stock photography websites. Different websites have different rates. The rates also vary depending on the rights being awarded by the photographer with exclusive photographs receiving higher rates.

4. Tag Wisely

Stock photography websites use a tagging feature to allow users to search through the millions of photographs available. Choose tags which are appropriate in describing the image. The tags used can make it easier or more difficult for people to locate the image. Try looking at similar photographs and see what tags were used. Refer to a thesaurus and look for terms similar to those being used.