How to Slice and Blend Video in Premiere

To slice and blend video footage is simply a cool term for editing the video, and Adobe Premiere allows you to apply powerful edits, effects and transitions in record time. While mastering Adobe Premiere can take a long time, you can be up to speed and performing basic edits in no time at all. In fact, this simple how-to guide will get you started.

What You Will Need

  • A computer with Adobe Premiere installed
  • A video file to edit

Step 1: Create a New Project File in Adobe Premiere

Open the Adobe Premiere program, and then browse to the location on your hard drive that contains the video clip you want to edit. You can choose the 'File | Create New Project' option on the menu bar to quickly import your video file into Adobe Premiere. Once you import the video file, it should display in the source monitor viewer within Adobe Premiere.

Step 2: Drag the Video Clip to the Timeline

Once you have clips in your project viewer, drag one or more clips to the timeline to begin the editing process. Once you drag clips onto the timeline, you should see tracks for both video and audio portions of the clip. In the beginning, simply drag the clips in the order you want them to be viewed in your video.

Step 3: Create a New Razor Cut Edit on the Timeline

If you look to the right of the timeline, you will notice some editing tool icons. Choose the one that resembles a razor blade, and click it with your mouse. Then, place the cursor over the point in your clip where you want to create a break or cut edit. Click on that location and Adobe Premiere will create two separate clips from the single clip. Continue applying cut edits to as many sections of the clip as you like. Remember, the more cut edits you create, the more individual clips that your project will contain.

Step 4: Blending Clips on the Timeline

Now that you've created some cut edits in your timeline, it's time to blend a few clips together. There are several ways that you can blend clips into one another. However, this tutorial will show you the easiest way to create a simple blend between three clips. First, select the selection tool on the right side of the timeline. This is the icon that looks like your mouse's default arrow type cursor.

Step 5: Apply a Ripple Effect

Select a clip and drag and drop it onto the upper level of the time line. This will create a gap between the two adjacent clips. Next, right-click on the empty space and choose add ripple effect.

Step 6: Delete the Ripple Effect

Next, right click again on the empty space and choose the delete ripple effect option. This will cause the clip to the right of the empty space to move over into the space that was once empty.

Step 7: Set Transparency

If you look at the clips that you created, you will notice a yellow line. This is used to set the transparency of the clip. On the clip that you moved up to the upper line of the timeline, lower the yellow line until it's almost at the bottom of the clip box. Then, slide the clip that you raised to the upper level of the timeline until it is over both of the clips that were adjacent to it. Now, when you view the the sequence in the source monitor, you will notice that the three clips seem to blend together.

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