How to Select a Video Camera for Wedding Videography

Choosing the right video camera for wedding videography can be a difficult choice. After all, the camera needs to fulfill two requirements: it needs to shoot great-looking video, and it needs to look like a professional camera. By that I mean that it should be big. It's true that today's consumer camcorders that shoot HD produce higher quality video than the camcorders of five years ago, but if you show up with a small camcorder, it will still give the impression that you're an amateur.

Size Matters

People expect professional cameramen to have a giant camera on their shoulder. Unfortunately, you need to feed into that stereotype in order to make your clients comfortable. It doesn't have to be super big, where it will give you back problems, but it can't be a simple hand-held model, either. It just needs to give someone the impression that it's a professional camcorder.

Resolution, Depth of Field, ASA/ISO

Your camera also needs to capture great video. In today's market, there is no reason that you shouldn't have a camcorder capable of HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels). Some cameras can even go higher in their resolution, and those are the kinds that you need to have.

The best depth of field is achieved by a combination of distance, lighting, aperture, and focal lengths. The fastest way to achieve it is by changing your lenses to meet each situation. But in live events like weddings, you can't always do this, because things are happening too fast for a lens change to take place. It's also impractical to be shooting while carrying an expensive bag of lenses. 

So what are you going to use to carry you through the day? Well, your work horse is going to be a zoom lens. The zoom lens might not produce the best quality images, but it's going to keep you working throughout the day so that you can get as much footage as possible.

The last factor to consider is the ISO. ISO is the digital equivalent of film speed. It's extremely important for a wedding photographer because most catering halls are dark, so we compensate for this in our exposure by raising the ISO. Unfortunately, raising the ISO also creates noise on the images, so pick a camera that can handle a high ISO.

Canon SLRs

The canon 5D and 7Ds are capable of shooting HD video. The picture is so good, in fact, that this camera is finding itself on commercial and music video sets. This would be a wise investment for a photographer starting out because it can double as a video and still camera. It also works great in low light situations.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: