How to Make Money with Stock Photography While You Travel

Anyone who enjoys traveling can also make some extra money from travel stock photography. This is a very rewarding thing to do, because you can take photos while being a tourist. Depending on the country you are visiting, there is a good chance that you will be able to make a reasonable income.

By mastering a few simple tips and tricks, you will be able to make your photos much more marketable and fashionable. You will need to spend time taking stock photos and making them look as professional as possible.

Step 1: Choosing Photo Locations

The very first thing that you will need to do is decide exactly what you want to photograph. Thanks to digital cameras, there's no need to be overly selective. You can simply snap everything that you see. In terms of stock photography, the more high quality photos you have available, the better. This is because the more photos you have, the better the chance is that someone will buy them.

While you are interested in taking lots of photos, quality is very important. Simply uploading all of the images from your camera will give you a poor reputation.

While all photos stand a chance of making you money there are certain types which are more profitable. These will be the photos which are more in demand. Try to take unique photos that nobody else has. This should make it much easier to attract people and convince them to buy your stock photos.

Step 2: Taking Photos

While computers make it possible to touch up photos, it's not a good idea to rely on touched up photos. You need to master your camera properly so that you can take high quality images to start off with. Make sure that your camera is set correctly and that you are shooting away from the sun.

If you're not sure about any of the settings or what would work best, then take a few photos. You will always be able to compare all of these photos once you get them back onto your computer.

Step 3: Downloading Photos

Travel photographers find a laptop computer an invaluable device. This allows them to download and review the photos wherever they are. They can be used in a hotel room very easily. By downloading the photos to your laptop, you can remove them from the memory card. This should make it possible to take more photos by reusing the same memory cards.

Step 4: Editing Photos

The photos can be edited using photoshop. Remember to copy the photos and leave the originals untouched. Then you can apply color corrections and various other touch up effects. You could also apply special effects to the image. Save a copy of every different image that you would like.

Some photos will also benefit from being isolated from the background. This is quite a time consuming thing to do, but is normally worth it.

Step 5: Uploading Photos

When you have finished your photos, you can then use your Internet connected laptop computer to upload them to your stock photography website of choice. Then it's time to sit back and wait while you earn money from your travel photographs.