How to Make Money with Landscape Stock Photography

It is becoming difficult to sell landscape stock photography these days. The supply is high while the demand is low, and the competition is becoming more and more intense. However, selling stock photography still remains to be an easy way to turn a hobby into an extra source of income. Here are a few steps to make money with stock landscape photographs.

Step 1: Shoot Lots of Photographs

Having numerous photographs gives photographers options on what to upload to stock photography websites. At least 15 photographs are needed for the first upload.

Step 2: Edit Using Photo Editor

Photographers are advised to take the best photographs the first time around and not rely on using photo editors as much. Yet, there are cases wherein editing is necessary. This may include having scratches on the image, dust particles or minor modifications with the light.

Step 3: Submit Photos to Stock Photography Sites

There is a growing number of websites on the Internet which offer stock photographs. Photographers have the option of having one image uploaded in several different websites or giving one website exclusive rights to an image for a higher price. The rate is per image, with some websites taking a small percentage of the profits. As the image becomes more popular, the download rate can also increase. Some websites are for free while others require a small fee.