How to Make Great Musician Photography

One of the most challenging types of photography can be musician photography. This photography takes some patience to get right. Knowing your subject is very important.

Step 1: Meet the Musician

To start off, you should meet the musician to familiarize yourself with his type of music. If possible, attend a concert to get a feel for his style.

Step 2: Choose the Right Location

Choosing the location is important. Find out if the musician has a location in mind. He may have a prior arrangement with a local bar or restaurant. If not, you might suggest a spot if there is a local establishment that suits the style of the musician.

Step 3: Choose the Right Clothing

Let everyone in the group wear a light colored clothes and make your musician wear a bright colored one. You can do this visa-versa as well. This will ensure that musician stands out.

Step 4: Focus the Light

Let your main light stay focused on the musician. You will need a special spot light for this musician to highlight him in the group.

Step 5: Take Photos from Different Angles

Take many photographs of the musician from various angles. Some people look good from the front, while others look good in side angle. You will need to understand the play with placement of the rest of the group members accordingly.