How to Improve Your Candid Wedding Videography

Wedding videography is an art that centers around capturing happy memories so that they can be immortalized. But that can be challenging because some of the best moments are captured when people feel at ease and a guy with a huge camera on his shoulder doesn't help make people completely comfortable. So how do you improve you candid wedding videography?

Keep a Distance

You're not going to make anyone feel at ease when you're standing over them. Your camera has a zoom lens for a reason and you should use it. Wedding videography means you're a silent observer. If you keep a distance of about 15 to 20 feet from people they won't realize you're there. That means they're going to act comfortable and do things that they wouldn't normally do if they knew they were being watched. The zoom lens is one of your tool and you need to make effective use out of it. Don't think of it as being sneaky either, it's your job to shoot as much great footage as possible.

Pretend You're Not There

Keep out of everyones way and don't talk to the guests. if you want great candid shots then you need to make people feel like you're not there. You have to blend in. You should come to the job dressed in a plain suit like everyone else. You don't want to stick out.

Stay Alert

The best candid moments happen when no one thinks they're being watched. But little do they know that there is a guy with a camera scanning the reception for the little moments that will make the bride and groom crack up five years from now when they're watching the final video on their anniversary. Always be on the look out for the great little moments that make life so great. There is no rest for the videographer in the realm of event videos. Things only happen once and it's your job to capture it.

Set Time For Candid Moments

Check with the MC for a time when everyone will be dancing and having a great time. Usually between the meal and the cake cutting. This block will be what you will devote to the special little moments. The best way to improve your candid wedding videography is to shoot a lot of it. The more you shoot, the more choices you have when you're editing to choose the very best moments.

An example of a great candid wedding moment that always makes my wife and I laugh is a shot of my uncle's pants almost falling down on the dance floor. We would have never realized that happened if the videographer didn't shoot. We never showed him the video though.

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