How to Get Your First Wedding Videography Job

Wedding videography is a serious craft that is difficult to break into. After all, a wedding is supposed to only happen once in a lifetime. People want to hire someone with experience over a new guy, which makes breaking into the field that much more harder. Here's how you can establish yourself in this industry:

Shoot Weddings for Free

No one is going to hire you to shoot a wedding unless you're established. The only way to do that is shoot other people's weddings for free. Not only will your friends and family appreciate your efforts, but you can use the final product for your portfolio. Your portfolio is going to make the difference in your customer deciding that you're worth hiring or that you will be a waste of money, so make the footage look good. Even though you're shooting for free, you should treat it as a professional job, because this is the only way it will lead to one.

Work for Established Wedding Videographers

Working as someone else's assistant is a great way to learn the business and gain practical experience. It will also be a great way to understand how the business works, how much to charge, where most jobs come from, etc. What's even more important is that it can lead to future jobs. If you're boss knows you're a smart and reliable photographer with a portfolio, he or she might recommend you for something where they have a conflict. Maybe your boss's rate is too expensive for a person calling him on the phone, and he drops your name.

Create a Website

A website is often the best place to put your portfolio. Anyone connected to the internet can see it, and it's easy to pass your link around. If you're serious about pursuing a career in wedding videography, then you definitely need a web page. It could be the difference between getting the job and not. After all, people want to see your work, and with a web page they can see it instantly from their homes.

Search the Web

On sites like Craigslist, people regularly post ads for services they're looking for, including wedding videographers. It's worth checking out sites like this from time to time, because connections can be made easily through this website. You might be able to book your first paying job through Craigslist. 


Established videographers collect a deposit when they're booked for an event, and then have the client pay them in installments, with the last check given when the final product is delivered. But just because you're not established, this doesn't mean someone can't pay you in installments. Always collect a deposit so that you know they're serious and won't cancel your job at the last minute. You might have to turn away other potential clients for their wedding, so make sure this client is serious about booking you by asking for a deposit check.

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