How to Get Better Scenic Photography on Your Vacation

Going away for your vacation presents a great opportunity for scenic photography. After all, you're traveling to a place that you've never been to before so to not take scenic photos might seem like a wasted opportunity. 

Shoot One for You and One for Them

If you're going away on a vacation with your family or significant other, then you need to realize that the primary purpose of this trip, in their eyes at least, is to get away and spend time together. To get the scenic photos, you want to shoot one photograph of the scenic view with your loved ones in the foreground along with one without them. That way they get their family picture and you get your scenic photo. 

The Rule of Thirds

When you compose your scenic shots, you need to keep the rule of thirds in mind. This rule divides your frame into nine imaginary squares to act as guidelines for your shot. For example, if you're shooting the ocean, then you want the ocean to take up either one or two thirds of the frame with the sky taking up the rest. You never want it to be split exactly in half.

Use a UV Filter

A UV filter serves two purposes. The first is to prevent UV light from entering the lens which allows for a photo with richer colors. The second is to protect your lens from damages that could occur when hiking to scenic locations.